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HVAC for Pharma Facilities Training Course - T14

GAMP 5 Annex 11/ Part 12 Basic Principl Training Course -T45

Practical Implementation of Process Validation Lifecycle T46

Cleaning Validation Principles Training Course - T17

Biopharmaceutical Overview - T24

GMP Auditing for Quality Assurance Training Course - G07

Commissioning & Qualification - T40

GAMP 5 Annex 11/ Part 11 Basic Principles - T45

Principles to Improve (Manufacturing) Ops in Pharma - T60

Oral Solid Dosage Manufacturing Process Training Course

Biotechnology Manufacturing Facility Design Training Course

Pharmaceutical Water Generation Training Course - T04

Pharma Water Systems Online Live Training Course - T35

C&Q Online Live Training Course - T40

GAMP Data Integrity Online Live Training Course - T50

Combination Products Online Live Training Course - T47

Aseptic Processing Online Live Training Course - T63

GAMP® Data Integrity 21 CFR Part 11 Training Course T50

Clean in Place Fundamentals Training Course - T03

Clean in Place - T03

GAMP 5 Process Control Systems - T21

Pharmaceutical Water Generation USP WFI & Purified - T04

GAMP 5 Annex 11/ Part 11 Basic Principles Training - T45

Storage, Delivery & Qualification of Pharma Waters - T23

Biopharmaceutical Overview Online Live Training Course - T24

Facility Project Management - T26

Cross Contamination (Risk-MaPP) Online Live Training - T41

2020 Mid-Atlantic Science & Technology Showcase

2020 ISPE Annual Meeting and Expo

Postponed: Symposium and Exhibition

Singapore Conference & Exhibition 2020

2020 ISPE September Online Live Training

2020 ISPE October Online Live Training

Thirsty Thursday with ISPE

Quiz Night 2020

2020 ISPE Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Virtual Conference

27th Annual Golf Classic

Impact and challenges for generic drugs

29th Annual Vendor Night

Advances & New Frontiers in Sterile Mfg Technology

Annual Spring 2020 Golf Tournament

Lean Construction Panel Discussion for Owners & Interested Parties

2020 ISPE Continuous Manufacturing Virtual Workshop

“What could Operational Excellence bring to pharma professionals to be a Brilliant Leader?”

GAMP COP Benelux - Data Integrity: Best Practices

2020 Annual Meeting & Networking event

2020 UK Annual Conference & Awards Dinner

Transformational Air Purification Technology and Paradigm Shift in Healthcare and Life Sciences

Acqua per preparazioni farmaceutiche: dall’ingegneria alla qualità - evento sospeso

2021 ISPE Aseptic Conference

Rapid Decontamination Validation & Methods Used by industrial Experts

ISPE DVC Sponsored INTERPHEX Bus | ISPE Members Only

UK Summer Conference

Lunch and Learn: Regulatory 101, US Regulatory 101 (Online Attendance Only)

2020 ISPE APAC Pharma Manufacturing Virtual Conference

Lunch and Learn Webinars (A Series of 3 Events): #1 Immunology 101 for the Non-Biologist

Lunch and Learn Webinars (A Series of 3 Events): #2 Vaccines

Lunch and Learn Webinars (A Series of 3 Events): #3 Anti-Viral Agents

2020 ISPE Biotechnology Virtual Conference

2020 ISPE June Online Live Training

2020 Golf Tournament

𝐅𝐞𝐚𝐫, 𝐅𝐨𝐜𝐮𝐬 & 𝐅𝐫𝐮𝐢𝐭𝐟𝐮𝐥𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬

Challenges in Aseptic Processing Environments - FREE Webinar

Mental Wellbeing and Overwhelm First Aid

Work From Home Series - EXCEl& Airtable

Work From Home Series - Online Meeting Tools

Technical Tuesday - Cell & Gene Therapy

Technical Tuesday - Automation: Most Common Design Issues

Technical Tuesday - QbD & PAT

Technical Tuesday - Case Study: Facilitating Efficient Life-Cycle Management via ICH Q12

Technical Tuesday - Continuous Manufacturing Experience

Women In Pharma - Mentoring Evening

Working Effectively in Remote Teams

ISPE Ireland Affiliate AGM - 2020

Cal OSHA Fumehood Requirements and What Can Be Done About Them

COVID-19 Webinar Update

ISPE SF Maintaining Operations During COVID-19

Work From Home Series - MSTeams & OneNote

Belgium SIG OpEx - Operational Excellence virtual roundtable discussion

Project Management CoP Benelux – Online PMCafé

Project Management CoP Benelux event – Making money count

Pandemic Ready Facilities - Air Handling

Pharmaceutical Engineering Internship Program Part One - Introduction

Women in Pharma® Webinar: Transform and Empower Yourself

GAMP CoP Benelux webinar - Vendor Assessment: Trends & Challenges

GAMP CoP Benelux webinar: Vendor Assessment: Risk-Based Approach

Virtual Poolside Chat

Business Continuity & Navigating to the New Normal & Beyond

Online Workshop: The change – Covid-19 – Disruption of Clinical Trial Supplies Part 1

ISPE Belgium Affiliate Virtual Event

"Life Sciences going Digital" Seminar: Latest Developments in Pharma



Knowing Your Bay Area Market - Biomedical Industry Opportunities

Know Your Southern California Life Science Real Estate Market - SD

Know Your Southern California Life Science Real Estate Market - LA

2020 ISPE Europe Annual Conference

Annex 1 draft, Contamination Control Strategy, an Implementation approach.

Navigating A Career In Pharma During COVID-19

GAMP® (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice) Past, Present and Future

WIP Webinar - Navigating the Virtual World in Business/Building your personal Brand & Executive presence

Addressing Microbial Concerns in Pharmaceutical Water Systems

Case Study: Back to work with AstraZeneca Webinar

CIP - Behind the Scene

Sterile Product Manufacturing Facilities: Applying the ISPE Baseline® Guide & FDA Guidance Principles to Design & Operation

Lunch and Learn Webinars (Series of 3 Events): #1 Cost Analysis: Outsourcing vs. In-House Bioprocessing Operations

Lunch and Learn Webinars (Series of 3 Events): #2 The Journey of Data Integrity

Lunch and Learn Webinars (Series of 3 Events): #3 What Time Is It? It's FO Equivalent Time!

Returning to the Workplace Post COVID-19: Office of the Future

Virtual FAT: Case Study with Lessons Learned from the User & Supplier

ISPE-CaSA Women in Pharma Lunch & Learn Session 3 - Rethinking Wellness through Mindfullness

Fireside Chat: Entering the Job Market When You Aren’t in Person

Foundation of Proof – Exploring the Cryptography behind Blockchain

2020 ISPE November Online Live Training

2020 ISPE December Online Live Training

Sustainable Waste Solutions for Single-Use A Call to Action to Address End of Life Recycling Issues

Pharmaceutical Engineering Internship Program Part 2 – Lessons Learned

24 Hours With ISPE Women in Pharma®

Transforming a Traditional Biopharma R&D Campus Into a Modern CDMO – JOINN Biologics US

2nd Annual Successful Women of San Diego Executive Leadership Panel Webinar

Annex 1: Revision 2020 and ISPE Commenting

2020 Annual Golf Tournament

Women In Pharma: Establish Your Stance & Credibility in the Workplace

How to Run a Shutdown Within the Pandemic Environment Lessons Learned from Takeda Los Angeles

Post-COVID: When Life Gives You Lemons…

Design Strategies & Systems Implementation in the Contagion

Belgium Affiliate - Annual Networking Event 2020 (Virtual)

Chromatography Workshop: Unlocking downstream process efficiency

More Than Just Technology: A Holistic Approach To Pharma 4.0

Facility and HVAC Measures for Safer Environments During a Pandemic

Facility and HVAC Measures for Safer Environments During a Pandemic

Introducing the 2020 ISPE Partner Showcase

Bridging the Communication Gap Between Critical Utilities & Regulators: NEW ISPE Critical Utilities GMP Compliance Guide

The Importance of Data Integrity for Machine Learning: A Data Lifecycle Model

Two-part Cleaning Validation Webinar - Part 1: Developing and Implementing a Robust Cleaning Process

2 Part Cleaning Validation Webinar: Part 2 - Automated Cleaning Procedures and the Validation of Automated CyclesAutomated Cleaning Procedures and the Validation of Automated Cycles

Spray Drying & Quality by Design (QbD)

Three Part Supply Chain Webinars - Part 1 of 3: Overview of Challenges in Cell & Gene Supply Chains

Three Part Supply Chain Webinars - Part 2 of 3: Managing CMOs in Cell & Gene

Three Part Supply Chain Webinars - Part 3 of 3: Logistics in Gene Therapy

Young Professionals Trivia Night Let the Games Begin!