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Introducing Pharmaceutical Engineering® Online Exclusives

Susan Sandler
Pharmaceutical Engineering®

Pharmaceutical Engineering is introducing a new part of the Pharmaceutical Engineering Online site: Online Exclusives. This content will be published only to the ISPE web site—it will not be published in print. Read on for FAQs about this new feature, which will provide more information and value to ISPE Members and to other visitors to the web site.

What will be published in Online Exclusives?

Online Exclusives will include features, technical content, interviews—the same types of content that readers are familiar with from print and online Pharmaceutical Engineering. Online Exclusives is part of Pharmaceutical Engineering—it is just another way to bring you more content, more often.

Will Online Exclusives content be available only to ISPE Members?

Online Exclusives content may be locked for viewing only by ISPE Members, or it may be part of the Open Access pilot, which “unlocks” select content for viewing by any visitors to the web site.

How often will new Online Exclusives content be published?

We will publish Online Exclusives during each month, not just at the time that a full issue of the magazine is posted to the web site. Check back frequently to see what’s new!

Is Online Exclusives the only content that is not included in print Pharmaceutical Engineering?

Pharmaceutical Engineering Online already features original, online-only content through the popular iSpeak blog, and in White Papers and Sponsored Content that are provided to the site by ISPE partners. None of these are in print Pharmaceutical Engineering--they share the space on the ISPE Web site side by side with Pharmaceutical Engineering content. This is part of ISPE’s ongoing expansion of content provided to our members and to the scientific and engineering community.

How do I submit content for Pharmaceutical Engineering Online Exclusives?

Please follow the usual process for submitting content through the ScholarOne site or directly to the Senior Director, Editorial for consideration. You’ll find submission information and more in the Author Guidelines. With your submission, please indicate that you would like your article to be considered for Online Exclusives.

Is Online Exclusives content peer reviewed like other Pharmaceutical Engineering content?

All Pharmaceutical Engineering content is reviewed and edited according to the same quality standards, whether published in print or online. This includes subject-matter expert peer review and copyediting by technical editors. See the Author Guidelines for more information on Pharmaceutical Engineering’s processes—they are designed to provide high quality, relevant content to the industry.

Open Access Program

Starting with the November-December 2019 issue of Pharmaceutical Engineering®, a limited number of articles are “unlocked” for access by any visitor to the web site. If you would like your article to be considered for Open Access, please indicate this when you submit the manuscript for consideration.